Compose Multiplatform Kotlin

Hello everyone! Is compose Multiplatform absolutely free? How can I use compose Multiplatform with eclipse or any other text editor, but not Intellij IDEA?

What stops you from using it outside IntelliJ? Compose is a library + compiler plugin, so you can use it without any IDE. You can even use notepad and a command line.

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What does absolutely free mean exactly?

This is the license - which is a rather standard apache 2.0 license.

It clearly states what can you do with the source and what you can’t do.


I’ve answered a similar question, here is what I’ve said:

Compose Multiplatform is free!

In this article ( it mentions that Compose Multiplatform can work in other text editors:

To use Compose Multiplatform in other text editors, you can refer to the ‘Create new Compose project without the (IntelliJ) wizard’ section of the page:

Try and follow the instructions and see how it goes - it doesn’t seem to be IDE specific so I’d assume it would work well on other IDEs.

Perhaps in the future you could consider switching to IntelliJ as the community edition is free and works with Compose Multiplatform and it should be much easier than using Eclipse or a similar IDE. Good luck nonetheless.

I hope this is useful!


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