Coroutines and Weld RequestScope

Hi all, i’m working with kotlin coroutines and vert.x and it’s amazing, so simple, fast and lightweight.
And as a Java developer, coming from JEE, i want to use CDI (Weld).
In simple things it works fine, but when i try to propagate @RequestScope in coroutine call the problems begin.

Weld is developed do work with ThreadLocal storage for scope, and propagate that scope in a Stack, coroutines are more complex than it, and the request scope not work correctly, in simple method call with coroutines the request scope is not propagated.

So I want help about how correct propagate that scope, in my research i see suggestions to work with custom CoroutineScope or Create a custom CDI Scope.

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i’m not very familiar with cdi, but if you really want to use it, maybe you need to use a custom scope bound to a property of coroutineContext (which is this “equivalent” of threadlocal for coroutines).

Still my advice would be kiss (which I don’t consider JEE to be).

thanks for the reply, i’ll read about it

About CDI, it’s really simple, and my base architecture (i’m migrating a legacy system in JEE) is totally based on CDI

about the coroutine context, it is possible to propagate threadlocal values in it?

if you can access the threadlocal you can read it & then put its value in the coroutine context. Then using a continuationInterceptor you can restore it in the threadlocal. that looks ugly… but it could work.