Data binding and annotation errors with SDK 26


Did anyone else start getting “cannot find method” errors using the data binding library and SDK 26?

****/ data binding error ****msg:cannot find method responseClicked( in class file:/Users/julian/AndroidStudioProjects/Twinkle/app/src/main/res/layout/cell_quiz_response.xml loc:22:33 - 22:65 ****\ data binding error ****

Also, I get some annotation errors, while previously with compileSdk 24, I had no errors:

e: /Users/julian/AndroidStudioProjects/Twinkle/app/build/tmp/kapt3/stubs/debug/letstwinkle/com/twinkle/model/ error: annotation @ParcelPropertyConverter is missing a default value for the element 'value’

e: @org.parceler.ParcelPropertyConverter()

I am using kotlin 1.1.3-2.


Fortunately, it’s working again with the currrent versions of Kotlin and the various Android build tools.