Deep copy object in Javascript?

With plain JS objects, you can create a simple deep copy like this:

var copy = JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(obj));

If I do this with an instance of a class that’s written in Kotlin, is it going to cause problems? Maybe I need to write custom copy methods for my classes.


Serialization and deserialization of object only in order to copy new instance is a very ugly hack. Never use it even in js. If you want to deep copy your objects you need to implement Cloneable interface

Cloneable is not available in the JS backend (see KT-6639). I’ll probably just implement a custom copy method.

It would be really nice if the data class generated copy() method was deep. I understand that Any doesn’t have ‘copy’, but the compiler could check for a copy() method on the data class’s members when auto-generating the copy() method.

(And yes, I know that you can always write your own copy() method, but that’s tedious and why we’re lazy and use serialization to clone!)

data class Foo(val a: Int, val b: Bar) {

// It’d be awesome if the compiler could generate the copy method like this:
fun copy(): Foo {
return Foo(a, b.copy())

// Instead of how it is now:
fun copy(): Foo {
return Foo(a, b)

data class Bar(val c: Int)