Dependencies in kotlin-multiplatform-js and npm


I have a multiplatform library and I am trying to integrate it into Angular 7 project. If there are no other js dependencies this works well (see
I have proj-common with commonMain, jsMain, jvmMain. After the build I properly get build/javascript-compiled/proj-common/proj-common.js file which is imported to proj-angularfron with the package.json:

  "kotlin": "^1.3.21",
  "proj-common": "file:../build/javascript-compiled"

But I came across a problem with dependencies as soon as I use external dependency for kotlin-js part. I my case it is kotlinx-serialization-runtime-js.
I cannot do the same with kotlinx-serialization-runtime-js since npm repository contains only version 0.5 of that library, while jar library exposes version 0.10.0.

Is there a way of automatic transferring of kotlin-js dependencies to npm-based projects.

Interplatform build

I have solved the described problem. It looks hucky but it works. The full explanation is here
The example is in the above github project.