Different ways to save data locally

hi, i just started to learn Kotlin Android development. hv a question like to ask - what options do we hv if we want to save data locally(on the phone)? when i learn VB classic last time, there are few ways like INI file, registry, MS Access to name a few.

and when do we use them? for eg. INI for apps settings, etc. like to learn and differentiate them for my future apps.

p/s - using the latest Android Studio & Android Q

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It has nothing to do with the language itself. You can use any library you want to store properties, including ini, java properties, etc. Android itself has several ways to do so in its SDK like this one for example. Refer to its tutorials to find out more.

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hi, thanks for the info. do you think sqlLite+Room is the best option if i want to create a Daily Expenses apps with searchable DateTime, Category & Comment.


I do not do Android right now and again, it is not quite Kotlin-related. You should whatever you are comfortable with unless there are restrictions on specific packaged in your environment.