Does IntelliJ IDEA support Smart Step Into when debugging Kotlin?

I’m very confused. I went to YouTrack to find if there’s an open feature request for implementing Smart Step Into in the IJ plugin, but I found issues from up to last year talking about concrete bugs as if the feature already exists.

I’ve been using Kotlin for about 2 years and currently am on IDEA 2020.3 EAP, but I’ve never had Smart Step Into trigger while debugging Kotlin code. There is no button to trigger it manually either.

If I step into Java code while debugging a Kotlin program, clicking Step Into asks me which method I want to step into as expected, but as soon as I get back into Kotlin code it just never happens. What am I missing?

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So I found out there are a bunch of useful actions in Run - Debugging Actions that I’ve never heard of before… I don’t know why there isn’t an easier way to find out about them, I would’ve never thought that debugging actions would be “hidden” in a menu two levels deep instead of say, a dedicated Debug menu next to Run, or in the debug tool window itself.

Did you figure out a way to get Smart Step Into to work in Kotlin?