Does it make sense to increase the threads number for coroutines when doing IO-bound operations?


If so, can anyone show an example?


It make sense to limit the thread number, always.
Moreover IO operations are really different, so choice the right thread count is a tuning option.

Do you use non-blocking IO?
Do you bound blocking operations in IO dispatcher?


IO bound operations need relatively few threads if you use an “async layer” like coroutines above the threads. Coroutines that wait for a response for example are halted and the used thread is used for another the operation while the coroutine “sleeps”.


Of course i just wan to to increase them, not remove the caps

The jobs are made by a 3rd party SDK. I guess yes?


I don’t guess.
It looks hard for me to help you.

As a gold rule: if you do not detect have issue, you cannot fix it.