Does Kotlin have type aliases?


I've read about type aliases in Kotlin in an older blog post, but I can not find any current information about it. So is it possible to define type aliases like in Scala?


scala> class Something[A, B]
defined class Something

scala> type X = Something[String, Int]
defined type alias X

scala> val x = new X
x: Something[String,Int] = Something@50378a4



Type aliases are not supported, unlikely to be added in the nearest future.


I’m writing tests in Kotlin/Spek against plain Java/Javaslang code and trying to figure out a better way to use Javaslang persistent collections from Kotlin so type aliases would be great. Since Kotlin is very Java friendly, this feature could improve Java interop a lot.


I came here from a google search, and I just want to quickly mention that Kotlin does now support type aliases! See the official docs for more information.