"Duplicate source root" warnings from Gradle compileKotlin2Js


I’ve got a KotlinJs project compiling, using the Gradle plugin. It seems to work but I get a warning for every single source file. This is 1.1-M04.

w: Duplicate source root: /MyProject/src/main/kotlin/com/foo/Application.kt
w: Duplicate source root: /MyProject/src/main/kotlin/com/foo/AsyncRequests.kt

Anyone else getting this? A bug?


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Did you have any luck resolving this?

I think it might be related to using gradle-subprojects.

I don’t think so. I only work on that project once every few months, so I can’t remember anything about it at the moment.

see https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/KT-15829
It is reproducible in almost empty gradle project. Just some minor glitch in plugin.

@fab1an, @rnikander:
The issue has been fixed for the upcoming release.

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