Error:(10,12) kotlin: Unresolved reference: mozilla


I have tried to add external jar library to my project. I have created lib directory next to src directory. Copy the lib there and compile the whole project. In the code it seems compiler can see methods, classes all just fine. But when I want to build the final jar it fails:
Error:(10,12) kotlin: Unresolved reference: mozilla
Error:(184,24) kotlin: Unresolved reference: UniversalDetector

Can someone advice what did I do wrong? What is correct approach to add external library in Kotlin?
Btw. I am using IntelliJ latest release.

Thanks folks

What build tool do you use in your project (maven/gradle/ intellij itself)?

I use maven. Do I need to define artifact?

Can you attach your pom.xml?

Here you go pom.xml (5.5 KB)