Exception handling in iOS framework


I’m creating an iOS framework using Kotlin/Native 0.5, however am not sure how you are supposed to handle exceptions properly.

Given the following class:

class TestClass() {
    fun alwaysThrows() {
        throw IllegalArgumentException("accountId not valid")

When alwaysThrows is called then an exception is thrown. With interop with Swift or Obj-C you would like to be able to catch this exception however the app aborts with “Uncaught Kotlin exception: kotlin.IllegalArgumentException” regardless of what Swift or Obj-C code you wrap it with.

For example, I’ve tried @try/@catch in Obj-C, try in Swift:

@try {
    [[TestClass alloc] init] alwaysThrows]
@catch (id exception) {

How should exceptions be handled from Swift/Obj-C interop code?