Expected issue resolve time

Regarding this issue https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/KT-10340
As per package name standards, my site domain ends.world and so my package is src/main/kotlin/world
I’m working on a video game and 70-90% of my classes have a parent with a field named “world” (this is a 3rd party library, so I can’t change the field name).

The nature of the bug means that auto-imports do not work and I have spent the last few weeks handling imports manually, but now I want to refactor some of the work, this bug makes it near impossible.

I only reported this issue 2 weeks ago but my concern is the issue makes Kotlin/Intellij completely unusable yet has been open since 2015.

How long is the expected wait on an issue to be resolved and then how long between resolution and publish?

The target resolution version for your issue is 1.3.20 which, I think, would arrive in a month if not sooner.

Kotlin now have a huge ecosystem which is very hard and expensive to maintain, so I think it is a small miracle it works as it is. If your issue would make it “completely unusable”, I think it would not have such large number of users.

Ah completely missed that, thanks

Of course, I was just wondering if I would have to wait weeks, months, or years. It does make it “completely unusable” but I realise it is highly unlikely to effect many other people, just getting frustrated with it that’s all.

Hello! Thanks for your feedback, and sorry for the inconvenience. This is a high priority issue for us and we do plan to fix it in the nearest release. However I can’t promise the exact date.