We are interested to use this library and gto a few questions, where can we post?



Your questions are welcome in this forum


Is there a simple way to use the library to run an SQL statement? We need this feature as a temporary fallback in case the library doesn't cover a specific SQL syntax requirment.


Well, it's better to use this one (especially if you're using SQL): We've put quite a lot of work into it after it's been forked from Andrey's prototype. The downside is the documentation is not up to date but we're going to address that soon. Back to your question: Assuming you have transaction in scope you acquire its JDBC connection by calling

val connection = Session.get().connection

and then just use any JDBC APIs of your liking.



My fork of Exposed ( is published under the kotlinx.* namespace:

Using a repo:

 maven {
        url ''

Note that the version name matches the Kotlin version we compiled against (and any subversion would add another '.') ... Or you can use that version to build yourself using Gradle.  Any libraries we use from Kotlin, we clean up for Gradle, add to our build server, and publish for others ... hopefully this gets taken over by the library authors.

(yes, I issued a pull request to update this in the original)