Feedback wanted -- Atrium an assertion library


Hi everyone,
I just released a new version of my assertion library called Atrium:
I think the project is now at a stage where I need some feedback.
Would be awesome if you could have a quick look and tell me what you think.
Do you miss a feature so that it stops you from using Atrium?
Any feedback is appreciated :slight_smile:


Looks good.
First thing I saw is that there are no infix-functions.
Is this on purpose or maybe a future improvement?


Good point, I’ll add it to the list of future improvements. Thanks :slight_smile:


A follow-up question, how would you expect that an infix API looks like?

assert(1) toBe 2
assert(1) `to be` 2
1 toBe 2
1 `to be` 2


I would prefer the toBe, but if you look at other assertion frameworks, I believe to be is the preferred choice


and which one
assert(1) toBe 2
1 toBe 2


I think with assert looks better.


Thanks for all your feedback. You can get a sneak peek here from the infix API which will be available with v0.5.0:

Your feedback is again welcome :slight_smile: