Finding trouble with my new introduction to kotlin (Error:(3, 1) Kotlin: Expecting a top level declaration)

package Hello

Class Hello {
    var height = 1
    var width = 2

Above is my class i created in Hello.kt
Hello guys, am new to Kotlin and am having an online course on udacity (Introduction to kotlin). Staff started well till when i got to object oriented code.

These guys created a package and add a file Aquarium.kt
In the file, they created a class Class Aquarium and it showed no errors.
But when i try following the same example, mine throws an error
“Error:(3, 1) Kotlin: Expecting a top level declaration”

Been figuring out all day long but couldnot get help on the internet.
(Am on kotlin 1.3.31) using netbeans as my IDE.

Thank you

All keywords in kotlin start with a lower case letter. You have to change

Class Hello {


class Hello {

You might also want to take a look at the resources here:

Also if you use an IDE like Intellij (which you should, especially if you just started to learn programming) you will see that keywords and other important parts of the program are highlighted with different colors. So if a keyword is not highlighted you probably misspelled it.

Ohhh, Thank you. I hadnot learnt about that at first

Thanks, also reported to the issue tracker: