Fixed Tag for Bugs in You Track?


Hey Kotlin-team,

I was going through the newbie bugs in You Track to look for something to pick off, and I noticed that a lot of the bugs in newbie are fixed, but not closed.  I think this is because they’re being fixed by people that cannot close issues since they’re external to JetBrains.

To solve this I wondered if it would be reasonable to add some sort of Tag to these issues that indicate they’re fixed?  Or maybe you should just open the “fix” action to externals.  I doubt people will abuse it, and you can always mass revert malicious actions…  

Here are all the newbie bugs that need to be closed:



No need for a tag, a comment is enough


Well, all the issues I flagged above have had comments saying that they are closed.  Many for months.  That said, the Tag idea, in retrospect, is not very good.

Maybe just run a sweep through those bugs I listed?  And you can add this one:



Thank you for your list. I have marked as fixed all these issue, except for KT-1313.