Function expression in when

I have a function that compiles in Kotlin 1.0.0 Beta if I write it like this   {code} fun operation(int:Int) = when (int) {   0-> {   val f = fun Int.() :Boolean { return true}   f   }   1-> {   val f = fun Int.() :Boolean { return true}   f   }   else -> throw Exception("gah") } {code}

Is there no way to make it work like this :

fun operation(int:Int) = when (int) {
  0-> fun Int.() :Boolean { return true}
  1-> fun Int.() :Boolean { return true}
  else -> throw Exception(“gah”)

If I write that, I get all kinds of error  like …you have to name function (name an anonymous function ? seriously ?), …
I get that it’s related to extension functions expression/litteral but this feels really dirty and unkotlin :confused:

Looks like a bug. Please report to the issue tracker