General Android/Kotlin discussions and tools

I'm working on Kotlin/Android stuff.  Converting some parts of a project to try it out.  I run an Android consulting company, so we can probably do something commercial pretty soon.  Would like to know if there are any recent, general resources on the topic.  The main thing I'm struggling with right now is the Java/Kotlin intersections from the Android SDK.  Everything is possibly null, so there's lots of '!!' going on.  Its good to force the developer to think about it, but some of this stuff will never be null, so it would be nice to "know" that.

If anybody is seriously into Android/Kotlin, we’re actually having an Android convention in September.  We have somebody previewing Go for Android, and I think it might be good to have a panel of non-Java implementations.  I know some teams working with Scala, and have had chats about other platforms.  If I get things together, I may present, but its coming up pretty fast:

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for your interest in our project. Sorry for the delayed reply: I’m on a trip at the moment.

Regarding annotations: some of the problems should be mitigated by using kotlin-android-sdk-annotations.jar that contains external annotations for SDK declarations. If you are using IntelliJ IDEA or Android Studio, the IDE suggests you to attach these annotations to your SDK. In a little longer term we will change the compiler so that the annotations won’t be needed at all. If you have any quaestions about it, they are welcome.

It would be great if you presented about Kotlin at the event you mentioned. We’re willing to help you with this.

Will look to see about adding the jar.  I guess I just kind of got used to the !!'s everywhere, although would prefer not to.  I'd rather not get devs in the habit of adding !! because you start adding it to everything just to make the bad red marks to go away, and then the null safety is pointless.

Talking to some intellij outreach people about speaking at the conf.  If possibly, push from your end.  Would be a good chat.