Generated Javascript bindings for Kotlin


Since I wasn’t satisfied with the integration of JS api, I wrote my own converter for the electron API:

It parses the original markdown source into an xml format like this

    <class title="BrowserWindow">
            <param optional="true" name="options" type="Object">
                <property optional="true" name="width" type="Integer"/>
                <property optional="true" name="height" type="Integer"/>
                <property optional="true" name="x" type="Integer"/>


From this generic format, it generates kotlin source. It generates builders for object parameters, so the API can be used like this:

val menu = Menu()
menu.append(MenuItem {
    type = "normal"
    label = "New Idea"
    click = { item, window, event ->


The transformations are done via XSLT. Use it if you like it, but everything is subject to change.