Generic type that is nullable


Hi, I was trying to write a generic function but encounter a small problem.
The function I wrote is as below.

fun <Y,T1,T2> LiveData<T1>.combineLatest(another:LiveData<T2>, 
                                         combiner:(T1,T2) -> Y){
   val mediatorData = MediatorLiveData<Y>()
   var latestT1: T1? = null
   var latestT2: T2? = null
   var isT1Ready = false
   var isT2Ready = false
   mediatorLiveData.addSource(this) { it->
       latestT1 = it
       isT1Ready = true
          mediator.value = combiner(it,latestT2) // Here would be problem, latestT2 is T2? not T2. So the type does not match. 

As comment indicated. combiner function would complain about Type mismatch. Combiner was expecting T2 rather than the placeholder’s T2?
And I do not want to use combine(it,latestT2!!). What if T2
is String? in runtime. And User is actually expecting to handle null inside his function?

But I do not want to force user write combiner as (T1?,T2?) -> Y, As the function should ensure the value supplied to combiner function is T1 and T2.

So, is there a way to achieve both?
Or do I need to handle <T1:Any, T2:Any> <T1:Any?,T2:Any?> seperately?
I am sure there should be an elegant way to achieve the result but I checked the generic documents and the content seems not helpful in this situation.

Best regards.


You can cast it like this: latestT2 as T2. You will get an unchecked cast warning, which can be suppressed by adding @Suppress("UNCHECKED_CAST") on the line above.

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