Gradle Kotlin DSL: "cannot access java.lang.String" error

This is an old bug but I have no idea how to handle it:

Is there any YouTrack issue on that? I am using IntelliJ 2019.3.1, Gradle 6.0.1, JDK 1.8 and 11, Windows 10.

Many other errors IntelliJ/Gradle related are present. The project is this one:

Does it only happen in the build script? We have“Check%20your%20module%20classpath”%20-Resolved%20Subsystems:%20{IDE.%20Gradle}%20, but it doesn’t look the same.

Try to change your project SDK to 8 or remove .idea folder and reimport, and kill all Gradle daemons.

Well, I assure you that I have switched many JDKs and the bug was never solved.
this time I choose GraalVM with JDK8, reboot the computer and it stopped complaining, deleting .idea was not necessary.

I believe that the issue may appear again. If so I’ll update the post!
Thank you tho :slight_smile: