Gradle MPP support in Idea


Is Idea support for the amazing kotlin-multiplatform Gradle plugin coming? Is there an ETA?

It would help a lot, as the docs for building Multiplatform projects are kind of scarce, you often need to figure things out using trial and error.


Hello. Can you please expand a bit on what exactly do you mean by “IDEA support for MPP”? We’re generally improving MPP support all the time, including the docs. The next Kotlin version 1.3.20 is going to see a number of MPP improvements.

Mostly, I am talking about autocomplete(for build presets, for example) and integrations with internal build system. Or maybe this already exists and I just don’t know how to set it up properly? I use the latest IDEA Ultimate.

Please follow for updates on autocomplete support in build.gradle files (written in Groovy). Generally, the autocomplete will be much improved in build.gradle.kts files (written in Kotlin) in 1.3.20: