Great article from Guido van Rossum on operators

For those who may not know, GvR is the creator of Python. He talks here about the value of having operators in Python specifically: Neopythonic: Why operators are useful.

Why I mention this here is that some of what he says about different neural processing paths for different representation of code dovetails nicely with my thoughts about Kotlin. IANACS (I Am Not A Cognitive Scientist) but I definitely feel that features like infix functions and “last param is lambda” syntax simplification help make code much more readable and understandable than just “the code is shorter,” and this might touch on why.

What do you folks think?

n(x+y) == nx + ny

It can be written in julia directly if n is a numeric literal.

My opinion is that operator overloading for math related fields is quite better than using alphanumeric function composition even if it is infix.

For the rest, it is to hard to memoize operators with length more than 2. I prefer alphanumeric infix functions.