GUI for Kotlin|Native

Dear All,

I assume that there is a shortage of GUI tools for Kotlin|Native.
I’ve been advised that currently the only alternative is libui (
When I tried to use it, I noticed that it has virtually no documentation apart from autogenerated.
For me as a newbie to both Kotlin|Native and GUI it’s virtually impossible to use it.

My two requests:

  • Can anybody help me providing fully functional examples of coding GUI using libui?
  • Is anyone aware of any UI builders that can be used for Kotlin|Native?

Thanks a lot in advance.

I don’t use native myself but you should be able to use any C library you want so you should take a look at that.

Have you taken a look at the samples in the libui github repo? I don’t know of any others.

Are you just new to kotlin native and GUI or new to programming in general? In either case I would at least consider switching to kotlin jvm, since there are far more GUI libraries out there with much better documentation (libgui seems to be a small open source project with only a few people working on it).
Also if you are new to programming in general kotlin native might be a bit more complicated, because of memory managment, C interop and the fact that it is still in an early access stage.

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