Help needed for building JS with Gradle kts

Im very new with gradle and have problems to get things right…
I downloaded the examples for gradle dsl “kotlin-dsl-master” but the js example is … sparse. At least, it runs. But I miss the dce tool.

I use the latest 1.2.70 version.

Can anybody give hints on how to get the things going, or, where to find documentation or tutorials?

p.s. I am using the gradle kotlin kts syntax

If you are familiar with the Groovy syntax, you can have a look here. If I am not mistaken, Gradle Kotlin DSL is about to get the first stable release. Until then I recommend only to experiment a little, not because is unstable, but because API will probably change.

Thx, I’ll have a look.

Meanwhile Im very happy with the .70 native x64 Version. Its much faster…