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Hello all,
Here is the code I generated during an online course (Yes, I am a new learner). The goal of the code is to read data from an API. Somewhere in the middle, I tried to be sure if callback process is working properly, but it’s not. I checked multiple times and I am sure this is the same code as explained during the lecture. But it always gives “not working” output. What may have gone wrong?


package com.example.weather2

import android.os.Bundle
import android.widget.ArrayAdapter
import android.widget.ListView
import retrofit2.Call
import retrofit2.Callback
import retrofit2.Response

class ForecastListActivity : AppCompatActivity() {
override fun onCreate(savedInstanceState: Bundle?) {

    var listForecast =findViewById<ListView>(
    var myList = listOf("The Godfather","Top Gun","Full Metal Jacket","Dunkirk","Shawshank Redemption")
    var adapter =ArrayAdapter(this, android.R.layout.simple_list_item_1, myList)
    listForecast.adapter = adapter

    val retrieverOpenWeatherMap = OpenWeatherMapRetriever()
    val callbackOpenWeatherMap = object : Callback<OpenWeatherMapQuery> {
        override fun onResponse(call: Call<OpenWeatherMapQuery>, response: Response<OpenWeatherMapQuery>) {
            println("it's working")
        override fun onFailure(call: Call<OpenWeatherMapQuery>, t: Throwable?) {
            println("not working")



package com.example.weather2

import retrofit2.Call
import retrofit2.Callback
import retrofit2.Retrofit
import retrofit2.converter.gson.GsonConverterFactory
import retrofit2.http.GET

interface OpenWeatherMapAPI {
@GET(“data/2.5/weather?q={city name}&appid={API key}”)
fun getOpenWeatherMapForecast() : Call
class OpenWeatherMapQuery()

class OpenWeatherMapRetriever {
private val service : OpenWeatherMapAPI

init {
    val retrofit = Retrofit.Builder().baseUrl("").addConverterFactory(GsonConverterFactory.create()).build()
    service = retrofit.create(

fun getOpenWeatherMapForecast(callback: Callback<OpenWeatherMapQuery>) {
    val call = service.getOpenWeatherMapForecast()


not working” only occurs once in your code, so that must have come from a call to the onFailure() method.⠀That method has two parameters: one with the call that was made, and one with the exception that caused the failure.⠀You should be able to tell what the problem is from those.

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Thanks for your reply. Indeed the problem was typing “http” instead of “https”. Adding an “s” solved my problem. The original API service gives me “http” by the way.