Hours to upgrade Kotlin


I’m new to mobile development, but have taken on responsibility for an existing app developed in 2019. I’m looking for a new dev team. One group told me that before they could work on it, I need to upgrade Kotlin, which they say requires about 35 billable hours.

I need a reality check. 35 hours seems like a lot of time. I have no idea whether it’s (a) necessary or (b) if it really requires 35 hours.

Does this sound reasonable?

No one here is going to be able to provide a value estimate or hours estimate, especially not one that is better than your team’s.

“Why is the upgrade needed?” I’d add questions about what is meant by “upgrade”? What is blocked by not upgrading?
“Does it really take 35 hours?” Can it be broken up? Can it be worked in parallel? Etc
These are really questions you should have them answer. Have them explain it to you.

The fact that you’re asking here makes it appear as this is your first software engineering project–which is good but you should know that even after you get more experience or training (i.e. CSPO training if you if team does scrum), the questions your asking are always complex and have multiple answers. You just get better at finding a close enough answer and you learn to make the decisions then make those decisions work out.

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