How am I supposed to get rid of the null-ability of function value?

class NonNullValuesMap<K, V>(private val map: MutableMap<K, V>, private val defaultCalculator: ((K) -> V)? = null)
    : MutableMap<K, V> by map {
    override operator fun get(key: K): V {
        val existing = map[key]
        if (existing != null)
            return existing
        if (defaultCalculator == null)
            return null!!
        val generated = defaultCalculator!!(key) //<< error here: Expression 'defaultCalculator!!' of type Nothing can not be invoked as a function 
        map[key] = generated
        return generated!!

How am I supposed to get rid of the null-ability of val defaultCalculator ?

val d = defaultCalculator ?: throw Error()
val generated = d(key)
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There are a few problems with your code, where I don’t understand why you chose to do it this way.

if(defaultCalculator == null)
     return null!!

looking at documentation of !! you see that it throws an exception if the value is null so this code is the same as

if(defaultCalculator == null) throw NullPointerException()

If this is what you want than throw an exception. Don’t use !!.


That said I can’t reproduce your compiler error. Your code works fine for me. Normally I would say you can change defaultCalculator!!(key) to defaultCalculator(key) since you did the null check above, but there seems to be a bug in kotlin with generics( so you have to keep the !! for now.

Thanks for all the notes.
It works for me with compiled kotlin too, but it was not (and still isn’t) working within a kotlin scratch file.

Now that you pointed it out - I find null!! a delightful shortcut to throw NullPointerException() :wink: