How Kotlin is dependent on Java?


  1. Was Kotlin built using the Java language? If yes, in this case logically it will be slower than Java, right?
  2. I have seen in some tutorials that when we write code in Kotlin there is still Java behind it? so It is only like shortcuts for Java? I mean if I write println it will write System.out.println but hides that from me, right?
  3. If ther eis no JVM, how will Kotlin survive?


There seems to be some misconceptions here.

  1. The first Kotlin compilation target is -historically and also in terms of overall coverage- java bytecode which is intended to run on a JVM. Kotlin is directly compiled into JVM executable code, there is no source Java language involved in the process. There is no reason for Kotlin to be slower than Java.

  2. See 1.

  3. There are plenty of JVMs out there and I don’t know how they could disappear, even if Oracle was to suddenly vanish in the air. Kotlin now has more than ten years of existence, and seems to have rather strong foundations.