How to build android kotlin app using android source code as package


Hello All,

Currently, i have android os 7.0 source code now i want to include hello world demo of kotlin android app into android source code and build source code of android including my kotlin app.

Can anyone help to how i can start this ?



Yes, you can combine Kotlin and Java code in the same package. You can actually call Kotlin code from Java code and vis-versa. They can be used together fairly easily. For more learning you can also go for Android Training Course.


Hello @kritesh,

I think you have misunderstood my question,

I want my android application which will be located in AOSP tree source code, So when I build AOSP three my application which is written in kotlin should also build with AOSP tree. But currently, AOSP tree supports only java for added system application as inbuild with our own custom android os.