How to decode Obfuscatified Js

How to decode this obfuscated js, have been seeing this on most modern websites…

any library for this?
var _0xacfa0e=_0x1d10;(function(_0x1010d5,_0x157922…

Any library to decode such js in kotlin

There is no library but a so called “source map”.

  • If you are the developer of the library you should have this generated by the compiler. When the web browser is able to download this source map it will show the source code while debugging.
  • If you are not the developer but the library is open source they may have it somewhere or you can compile it to get it.
  • If it is not open source and you are not the developer you have no business decoding the obfuscated js :stuck_out_tongue: (not to mention that it is not really possible to do it well).