How to link to a https url


I am new in Kotlin. With Android Studio I am trying to create a small apk with buttons or textview to link to a https. First I did it with WebView which works properly, the problem is that I can’t see pop up messages. So I am trying to open the links with a browser, but the url change to http instead https

In MainActivity.kt

val btnViajes = findViewById<Button>(
    btnViajes?.setOnClickListener() {
       val activityWebViajes = Intent(this,


In other activity.kt

 override fun onCreate(savedInstanceState: Bundle?) {

    background = findViewById<LinearLayout>( as LinearLayout
    mWebView = findViewById(

    val webSetting = mWebView.settings

    webSetting.javaScriptEnabled = true
    mWebView.webViewClient = WebViewClient()


Also I have tried, searching google, in MainActivity.kt this:

    val btnViajes = findViewById<Button>(
    btnViajes?.setOnClickListener() {

       var url = "https://****/***";
        startActivity(Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW).apply {
            data = Uri.parse(url)


The problem is the same it opens a browser with a link without https. I would like to know how to open https url in a browser.

Hello, this is more of an Android question than a Kotlin one. Anyway what you did should work.
I don’t know if will make any diference but try to pass the URI in the Intent constructor (I do it this way in some of my apps and I know it works):

startActivity(Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW, Uri.parse(url)))

Hi Eliote,

I still have the same issue, don’t understand why.

val btnViajes = findViewById<Button>(
    btnViajes?.setOnClickListener() {

       var url = "https://***/***";
        startActivity(Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW, Uri.parse(url)))


The problem is in the server of the URL, and has nothing to do with the code. Try to open it directly in a browser and you will see.

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I have found the issue. I had to put another slash at the end. https://// instead https:/// without that it didn’t work.