How to make a for loop that iterate and return multiple values

I created a function that iterates by a if statement over a list in order to find a match, when found I wanted to return the match value, but it only happen once, the return statements are at the end of the function and the if statement.

The question is, How can I avoid that this function stops after the first match?, is there another way?, other functions that im not using? Here is my code:

class Class1(var self: String,var tipo: String,var element: String)       
   var test_class = Class1("","","")       

   fun giver(){       
      test_class.self = "Anything"       
       test_class.tipo = "Something"       
       test_class.element = "Nothing"       

   class Funciones(){       
           fun match_finder(texto: String): Any{       
               var lista = listOf<String>(test_class.self,test_class.tipo,test_class.element)       
               var lista_de_listas = listOf<String>("test_class.self","test_class.tipo","test_class.element")       
               var count = -1       
               var variable = ""       
               for (i in lista_de_listas){       
                   count = count + 1       
                   if (texto == i){       
                       lista_de_listas = lista       
                       var variable = lista_de_listas[count]        
                       return variable       

              return "Not a match"       

   fun main(){       
       var x = "test_class.self"       
       var z = "test.class.tipo"       
       var t = "test.class.element"       
       var funcion = Funciones()       
       var y = funcion.match_finder(x)       
       var c = funcion.match_finder(z)       
       var r = funcion.match_finder(t)       


Do you want the function to return multiple matches? If so, then in the for-loop, add each match to a list, instead of returning. At the end of the function, return the list.