How to pronounce nullable types?


How should we pronounce the nullable types when talking about code? I think what most use is the format “nullable Int”, but have also heard “int questionmark”. Both of these are quite long, so why not make a standard, shorter way of pronouncing these types. My suggestion is “Int-ish”

Maybe sounds a bit weird, but I think this is better than saying “nullable” or “questionmark” after each nullable type.

What you think?
Other suggestions?


For me “nullable String” etc is good enough and is clearer than “String-ish”.


What about “int-null”? This is like pronouncing int|null in languages with union types.
If it gets longer, read it as “or null”, e.g. ((Int?) -> Unit)? reads as “int null function or null”


I’ve never encountered int|null, and must say “nullable {this-or-that}” is way more natural. And int? is just perfect expression for that. And to say int|null in C, which has unions since like dawn of time… “compiler error.”


Why not “type or null”?