How to use/install klib utility manager

I am trying to import/install .klib into Android studio KMM application.

On the link I found klib utility manager that can be used from terminal, but I didn´t find a way how to install/use it, i have koltin and kotlinc both accessible from the same terminal.

Is this possible for Android studio Multiplatfrom project?

Hello, @InternetExplorer
If you already use kotlin-native targets in your projects, it should be downloaded already. Check the ~/.konan/kotlin-native-prebuilt-<osName>-<version>/bin/klib. I prefer not to add it to the PATH, as the compiler versions move on rapidly, but maybe this won’t be a problem for your case.
Also, it can be downloaded as a part of the kotlin-native compiler. See the link from the documentation, you’ll need an artifact named kotlin-native-prebuilt-<osName>-<version>.

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