I upgraded to Kotlin 1.3 but now my Unit Tests don't work anymore (Unresolved Reference)

I tried: Why org.testng becomes Unresolvable reference in kotlin tests? - #2 by albertgao doesn’t solve the issue.

I upgraded to Kotlin 1.3, ran code migration tool but now it’s giving me these errors, any idea what’s causing it?


When I delete the tests from my project it compiles normally, so the issue is with the tests.

It may be a build cache issue, try to clean out everything. Could you help us explain where those reference come from?

I just refreshed the project and now I get even more Unresolved References…

All of the references are from different .kt files


First unsolved reference:

Note that all of this was working on 1.2 kotlin, it started messing up in 1.3

I just looked at maven it looks like the coroutines-core library is not working?

If anyone wants to have a look at the full code it’s over here:

Try updating your coroutines library version to 1.0.1 (latest). Btw. eap releases are expected to be unstable and have no compatibility guarantees (the eap version of the compiler actually creates a marker refusing compilation with of eap classes into non-eap code).

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After updating to the 1.0.1 library it now compiles again thanks!