Ice cream with flavor of star [REFORMULATED]


Lets say simple Type Parameter (like T in class IceCream<T : Flavor>) is different from Generic Type Parameter (like T in class Producer<T: IceCream<*>>) in the way that the latter implicitly holds type parameter in itself. So intuitively we may want to write something like that <T<*>: IceCream<*>>. And in some languages (i.g. Scala) it’s possible, but presumably not in Kotlin. So the first question: Is it possible to implement this feature in Kotlin?

One usage example (the domain of sweets has just been chosen for fun… so i console myself :slight_smile:
Lets say we have vast amount of ice cream types of different flavors. And we’re developing a Producer abstraction that produces one specified type of ice cream of any flavor and than serves it in different ways, like extra frozen, or in a gift wrapper. And that’s how it would look like in Scala:

class Flavor
object Chocolate extends Flavor

class IceCream[F: Flavor](var temperature: Float = -1)
class Popsicle[F: Flavor] extends IceCream[F]

abstract class Producer[T[_] <: IceCream[_]] {
	abstract def produce[F: Flavor](): T[F]
	def serveFrozen[F: Flavor](): T[F] = {
		val ic = produce[F];  ic.temperature = -100;  ic
object ProducerImpl extends Producer[Popsicle] {
	override def produce[F: Flavor](): Popsicle[F] = new Popsicle[F]

val popsicle: Popsicle[Chocolate.type ] = ProducerImpl.serveFrozen[Chocolate.type]()

The basic idea is to implement all service methods within an abstraction of Producer. And let subclasses override only produce method.

I’m afraid all i can do now about it in Kotlin is:

abstract class Producer<T: IceCream<*>> {
	abstract fun produce(): T

that produces only ice cream with star <*> flavor… so i got no second question.

Please correct me if i’m not precise in terminology.