Idea: Syntax sugar for sealed classes

Currently, the syntax for creating a sealed class for an ADT is this:

sealed class Shape {
  class Circle(val radius: Double) : Shape()
  class Rect(val width: Double, val height: Double) : Shape()

To me, this feels repetitive and doesn’t encourage making new types, whereas these types should probably be the foundation for building apps in a functional style.

Would you consider adding some syntactic sugar to make this look cleaner/simpler? Perhaps it would be possible to reuse the “enum class” syntax:

enum class Shape {
  Circle(val radius: Double),
  Rect(val width: Double, val height: Double),

Thanks for considering. I’m new to Kotlin but it looks really exciting.

Long ago we started with the idea of turning enums into fully-fledged GADT's. It fails when interop kicks in: the Java notion of enums is limited, and to be able to use Kotlin enums from Java, we have to stick to those limitations

Is it important that "enum class" creates a Java enum? In my example I meant that it could create the same class hierarchy that "sealed class" currently does. I am not attached to the syntax "enum class", but whatever the keywords are, it would be nice if creating a new GADT had a simple syntax.

Yes, it is important that enums work equally well in Kotlin and Java