Inflate within Recycler view

I’m using a recyclerview to inflate “one_row_layout”. It works well, and shows aroun 10 rows of “one_row_layout” inside the recyclerview.

So, when I click this one “one_row_layout” view, I want to open(inflate) another “full_screen_layout”. The thing is here, “full_screen_layout” should be seen full screen, not inside of recyclerview.

I couldn’t figured it out how I can do that. Any idea?

What does it have to do with Kotlin?

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Well, I’m using Kotlin.
If it’s not suitable for this forum, moderators surely can delete.

This would be better placed upon stackoverflow (or at least on the android subforum - rather than support). What you want is probably to start a layout transition. There are three options (start a new activity - simplest); Open the full screen layout as a new full screen replacement fragment (- use android navigation support library); Display the full screen layout as a popup/window (a bit trickier).