Intellij Idea - Kotlin Plugin suggestion

I would like to recommend adding an annotation option to the Create New Kotlin File/Class window allowing easy creation of an annotation class this would make creating annotations slightly less tedious.
I have also created this on youtrack

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Maybe create an issue here:

But it is already fairly easy to implement annotations in Kotlin, isn’t it?

annotation class Fancy

Or do you mean some kind of assistant asking for “rentention”, “target” etc?

They are certainly easy but i was just thinking it would be a little easier to have a annotation in this dropdown that fills out the boilerplate code for you
maybe with options relating to the target/retention etc. it would just make creating annotaions a little bit easier and if your creating alot of them(like i was) it would be a nice quality of life feature

annotation class example()

I have created it on youtrack thanks for the suggestion

But you would need some kind of wizzard, because not everbody wants @Target(AnnotationTarget.CLASS) for example.

As a not so bad workaround you could create yourself a code template in IntelliJ to save you some typing.

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Yeah a wizard would also be useful, and il look into using a intellij template

Does anyone now or have interest in creating a Kotlin plugin that will suggest to use named arguments in Kotlin function calls and offer to insert the named parameters into your code?

The IntelliJ Kotlin plugin already has this functionality, just press Alt + Enter (Show intention actions) and select: Add names to call arguments




Oh wow! You are awesome! I had actually reached out to JetBrains tech support and they sent me here and told me to put in the request. I can’t believe that they didn’t just answer my question.

I guess you were just unlucky. There are hundreds of intentions in intellij. You probably just talked to someone who forgot about this one.