IntelliJ plugin: generate equals/hashcode using parent params

I have a simple class hierarchy

abstract class Vehicle(val year: Int) {

class Car(year: Int, val seatCount: Int) : Vehicle(year) {

I now want to auto-generate equals and hashcode for Car, but the IntelliJ plugin will only generate based on seatCount property, when I really want it to generae equals/hashcode based on both properties:

I can solve this problem by making year open and overriding in Car class:

abstract class Vehicle(open val year: Int) {

class Car(override val year: Int, val seatCount: Int) : Vehicle(year) {

This doesn’t seem necessary from a language perspective. Is this a bug/feature of the plugin that I just don’t understand?

I am pretty sure that the convention for equals/hashCode is to only use the properies of the current class and then call super on each method.

Also, in case you didn’t notice, if you first generate the methods for the super-class Vehicle then the generated ones in the sub-class Car will call their respective super-method.

So in conclusion, I would say this is the intended behavior of the IntelliJ plugin.