Interface for traveling through directories (android)

First of all, I would like to apologize for my poor english level.

I’m a French student and I am currently looking for a way for the user to acces the phone files ( by travelling just like the file explorer and clicking on a file to select it ).
My teacher told me that there was probably a premade component, a kind of file explorer that would return the file that the user picked but I could not find such component in the layout section of android studio or through internet research.

Could you help me ?
If this does not exist maybe I can try to find an existing program that would do this and call the activity from my code ?

( I also have a tiny question, is there a way I could change a file’s “last modified” attribute without having to copy and rename the file ? )

I am really new in Kotlin developpement, I had to make a project using Kotlin because my incomming internship will use this language but none of my teachers nor mates actually know the language…).

I Hope my English wasn’t so awfull, thank you for reading, have a nice day !

This is not really a Kotlin problem, but have a look at Open files using storage access framework  |  Android Developers
It should help (somewhat) although it is not a beginner topic.

Thank you, I’ll check this.

Yeap as @pdvrieze told you… any question related to android framework you should check it first in official android documentation.

To help you a bit please search :

  • Android Storage Access Framework
  • DocumentProvider
  • MediaStore.

Good luck