Is Kotlin + React discontinued?

I noticed that Kontlin/JS + React tutorial disappeared from the Kotlin homepage (at least I can’t find it anymore). Are there any news, if react support (kotlin wrappers) will be discontinued?

Seems like one does not want to encourage people to create new Kotlin/JS projects:
Removed multiple Kotlin/JS docs as agreed with Egor Tolstoy and Nasty… · JetBrains/kotlin-web-site@089fbf6 (

The only thing I know is that they want use to create multiplatform projects with one Kotlin/JS target now.

The question was asked in the Kotlin slack recently. They consider the tutorial not to be of enough quality for it to be useful for beginners. They hid it until they have time to rewrite it.

They did not make any announcement for the Kotlin React library itself, this is just about the tutorial.

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Yes, the kotlin("js") plugin is a duplicate of the kotlin("multiplatform") plugin, with less features. They are simplifying it by recommending to always use kotlin("multiplatform"), even if targeting a single platform.

I guess it will be replaced by compose for web in the future.
So, for learning or personal projects is ok. Don’t use it for serious projects.