Is there a package (jar? tar?) of html docs I can grep and browse offline for kotlin stdlib?

The website is fine, but sometimes I want to search through documentation more manually.
How can I just download a directory tree of all the html?
Why is the javadoc jar from maven central empty?

An old question is similar, but with broken links: Kotlin Docs as single file

The following link is a PDF file that is “almost” complete – it’s missing the API reference section entitled “Core Libraries”.

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Thanks but I can’t really grep a PDF, or open it to a specific page. It’s kind of an opaque format afaik. Is that the same PDF that’s linked “full kotlin reference” from the documentation menu?

Yes, that is the same PDF that is linked to in the Kotlin reference. You can’t “grep” a PDF file, but you can “browse” and “search” it using a PDF reader. You can also convert it to text file using free online resources that don’t require registration. This isn’t exactly what you want, but it might work for some of your needs.

The link there in the end to the kotlin websites github is indeed broken. The website was moved from JetBrains github to the kotlin github. The new link is

Not sure about the javadoc. I can’t seem to find a way to get that. I guess you could download the kotlin repo and build the docs yourself, but there surely is a better way. I created an issue here in the hope that this will be fixed.

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I just stumbled over this issue: Provide downloadable offline documentation for Kotlin standard library API

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