Issue with using common module from JS module

Hi. I’m experimenting with Kotlin Multiplatform. I tried to make a fairly simple example to explore sharing a common lib across three platforms: Android, iOS and Web.
Unfortunately, I faced an issue of importing a common lib at JS app.

Gradle warning after syncing in IDE:

Ignoring dependency of module 'lib-common' on module 'app-web-app'. Java modules cannot depend on Android modules

Build error:

ERROR in ./app.js
Module not found: Error: Can't resolve 'lib-common' in '/Volumes/Recoverable/Sources/playam/playam-mpp/app-web/app/build/js'
 @ ./app.js 3:4-56

At the first glance, it looks like some conflict between ‘’ and ‘kotlin-multiplatform’ libraries, but I have seen this kind of configuration before at someone else repo: GitHub - wojta/hello-kotlin-multiplatform: Multiplatform Kotlin Hello World (Android/Java/JavaScript), but with a bit older version of plugins.

This is my repo: GitHub - rynkowsg/kotlin-mpp-android-ios-web
Tested on Gradle 5.2.1 and 4.10.2, kotlin plugin: 1.3.21, android plugin: 3.3.2.

I’m not sure where is the problem. Any ideas?