Issues with Kotlin jvm library

Im working on a library written in Kotlin JVM to be used in another Kotlin JVM project.
Primarely my question is if its proper edicate to shadow libraries into the library jar.
Because if i do so its easier to use it, but it doesnt show up properly in IntellIJ, telling me classes are not found even though it compiles.
So, what is the proper edicate? Shadow or not?
(I tried googling, but i must be doing something wrong since i cannot find the answer :confused: )

Are you using Gradle, Maven, or some other dependency management?

I don’t know why IntelliJ doesn’t show you all classes, but generally shadowing libraries isn’t good for users of your library. Shadowing can be used to create a single-jar application or for other very specific cases, but generally we should avoid this. You should use a proper build system instead: Gradle, Maven, etc.

Sorry, should have mentioned that im using gradle, yes.
Currently i shadow in my libraries dependencies into the final jar i use in my other projects (apache commons).
But that doesnt work half the time, as IntelliJ complains about not seeing my classes even though it compiles.
So that made me think if i maybe shouldnt distribute my library as a “fat jar” so to say.
Was hoping i could find out how im suposed to do that or not

I am using gradle to build the library, and also to include it into other projects of mine.
This is more a question of if its bad to include the dependencies of my library in the built jar

Yes, I think this is bad. What if in your project you include the dependency A and B and each of them would come with the same dependency C built into their jars? You have a conflict, not very trivial to solve.

Yeah actually had that happen in a way, since this made my final jar of the application im building have certain dependencies twice.
Ill switch over to non-fat jars for my libs. Thank you two!