It is not too soon to talk about Kotlin best practices


I wrote my first Kotlin code here

and had a blast.  I like it.

So now that a class can be defined in a file that does not bear the same name as the class itself, and now that package names are not tied to the file system, I have to wonder how much code I’ll have to write such that a set of best practices around code organization start to emerge.  Frankly, I never found package names tied to the filesystem to be a big, chafing problem.  Or I stopped noticing the chafing - same thing.

If JetBrains is going to use Kotlin and therefore eat its own dog food, maybe they can share with us how they’ll organize code into packages and what best practices they plan to use around .kt file naming and what classes will go in what files.

JetBrains, you out there?



For now, you can refer to Scala's best practices regarding these things. They are very similar there


Its still fairly light on detailed best practices but there's the Kotlin Coding Conventions in the wiki