Java reflection: get generic type of a field in a kotlin class


Is there a posibillity to get a generic type of a field(var/val) declared in a kotlin class ? The following example shows the difference between Java and Kotlin

// Java class public class ParamTypeJ {   java.util.Collection<Date> col; }

// Kotlin class
public class ParamTypeK {
  var col: java.util.Collection<Date>? = null

ParamTypeJ.class.getDeclaredFields()[0].getGenericType() // java.util.Collection<java.util.Date> , instanceof ParameterizedType
ParamTypeK.class.getDeclaredFields()[0].getGenericType() // interface java.util.Collection, instanceof Type

I stumbled on this by trying ormlite with kotlin and getting an exception - produced by:

Type type = field.getGenericType();
if (!(type instanceof ParameterizedType)) {
     throw new SQLException("Field class for '" + field.getName() + "' must be a parameterized Collection.");

Maybe there is some workaround to this issue?


This is a known issue, see


Bug is fixed in #0.5.907 build