Javadoc support in Eclipse Kotlin plugin?


I stumbled on Kotlin quite by accident, but I quite liked some ideas behind it (particularly automatic getters & setters which has been a long pet-peeve of mine), so I’ve decided to give it a shot.

My IDE of choice is Eclipse so I’ve installed Kotlin plugin from here:

Unfortunately I’ve run into issues that are show-stoppers for me and I’d like to clarify if this is the current state of the plugin or if maybe I’m doing something wrong?

Specifically I have problems with Javadocs non-availability in code assist – both when using F2 (aka ‘Open class, method, or variable information (tooltip text)’) and when using code completion (Ctrl-Space).

First examples where it works (and how it should work) – for example, F2 in Kotlin code works if you use Java class:

However if you do the same for the Kotlin reference (from within Kotlin class) – nothing opens:

If you try to open Kotlin reference from Java class – it shows that there’s no Javadoc:

Similarly there’s no Javadoc popup when using code completion – e.g. referencing Java in Java (example of how it should be):

But it Kotlin you don’t get Javadoc if you try to reference Java class:

… or Kotlin class:

This kind of makes Kotlin impossible to use for me so like I mentioned in front I wonder if this is the current state or if there’s some configuration/installation problem on my end?



Yes, currently Javadoc is partially supported in the Eclipse plugin. See


thank you for the reply!

However I’m not sure this actually addresses my question? The linked issue seems to be about Javadoc window behaving strangely (e.g. disappearing when it should not) but in my case there’s no Javadoc available at all in many cases.